2019-2020 Jiu Ding Scholarship Program Public Announcement

Founded as a non-profit foundation in 2011 by a well-established group of Chinese Canadians entrepreneurs and professionals, the Montreal Jiuding Club (“JD Club”) is dedicated to award scholarships to the next generation of Canadian leaders of Chinese origin. Through an intensive and rigorous selection process, scholarships are granted to students who are academically gifted, well-rounded, and pursuing their first undergraduate degree/diploma at a recognized university or post-secondary institution in the Province of Quebec, Canada.

Details of the scholarship programs are as follows:


A. Jiu Ding Undergraduate Award ($3,000) (Applicants must meet all the conditions listed below to be eligible):

  1. Candidate must be enrolled full-time in a Bachelor’s degree or undergraduate certificate program of study of at least 6 months at a recognized university or post-secondary institution for the 2019-2020 school year;

  2. Candidate must be studying in the Province of Quebec, or if a candidate is currently studying in other provinces in Canada or overseas, he/she must have resided in the Province of Quebec for a period of 12consecutive months prior to his/her enrolment;
  3. Candidate must be of Chinese descent (At least 1/4 of ethnic Chinese descent, including ethnic minorities from China, and children adopted by Quebec families. Chinese language skill is encouraged);
  4. Candidate must provide official transcripts for the last three semesters (from January 2018 to September 2019 or more recent. High school transcripts eligible for 1st year students).  Preference will be given for higher GPA when other criteria are comparable;
  5. Priority considerations will be given to students who demonstrated active and strong involvement in school and/or community activities and services and/or in extra-curricular activities.  


Scholarship of $3,000 will be awarded for one winner for each of the following category:

  • a. Medical Program Award
  • b. Law Program Award

  • c. Science, Engineering and Technology Award

  • d. Commerce and Economics Award

  • e. Art and Sociology Award

  • f. Other Discipline Award


BAwards Application and Selection Process

Submit the complete application package athttps://goo.gl/forms/JGgoPa3fCGIWyED52 by April 15th, 2020 (the “Deadline”).
Every year, an Independent Nomination Committee composed of independent well-known leaders from the community reviews the applications and nominates candidates for selection.  Members of Jiu Ding Club board will determine the award winners through interview with the nominated candidates. The winners are awarded during the annual gala, which brings together over 400 guests from the business, academic and governmental communities. The Jiu Ding scholarship is an important recognition from the Chinese community.

The awards application package shall contain the following documents:

  1. A short cover letter including applicants coordinates (address, phone & email) and specifying the category of award to which it applies;
  2. Proof of full-time registration at recognized university or post-secondary institution for the 2018-2019 school year;
  3. Official transcripts of the applicant’s last 3 semesters;
  4. An essay in English or French (800 words maximum).Context for the essay: In November 2019, a young member of our Chinese community, Mr. George HE, passed away during his tour of service to the Cree community in the remote area of North Quebec.

    The theme for the essay is: The spirit of dedication in Canada.

    Special consideration will be given to essays that are well written with original and creative thinking, deep reflections and constructive ideas, as well as real life examples.

  5. A resume outlining the applicant’s education/experiences, and his/her participation in social/community services as well as in extra-curricular activities; and,
  6. A letter of reference.

Please note that only complete application packages submitted before the Deadline will be reviewed by the Independent Nomination Committee.


C. Nomination and Selection Criteria

  1. Quality and creativity of the candidate’s application (the cover letter and essay provided by the candidate will be subject to a thorough examination);
  2. Academic performance provided in the candidate’s transcripts, and/or outstanding achievements;
  3. Level of participation in social/community services and extra-curricular activities;
  4. Letter of reference; and,
  5. Interview performance, should the candidate becomes a finalist.


The Jiu Ding Club and Jiu Ding Scholarship retain the rights to interpret the rules and criteria for awarding the scholarships at its own discretion.


The Montreal Jiu Ding Club

January 6th, 2020