Updated Announcement on the 2019 – 2020 Jiu Ding Scholarship


1. 有关学习成绩的证明材料可以暂时接受网络获得的非正式版本。学校的正式成绩证明可待学校复课后再补充提交。

2. 推荐信可暂时不做要求,待学校复课后再补充递交。



Due to the current exceptional situation of COVID-19,  the board of Jiuding Scholarship Foundation has made the following adjustments to this year’s scholarship application requirement:

1. Applicants may submit Non-official proof of academic achievements obtained from universities’ online sources. The official proof maybe submitted after schools resume.

2. Recommendation letter will NOT be required for the time being. Applicants will be required to submit a recommendation letter after schools resume.

All other required documents will need to be submitted before on April 15th 12 AM to be qualified as the applicant for this year’s scholarship.