Claire Zhang

Updated Announcement on the 2019 – 2020 Jiu Ding Scholarship

By Claire Zhang / 03.29.2020 / 0 Comments

鉴于目前新型冠状肺炎疫情期间的特殊情况,经九鼎奖学金基金理事会研究决定,2019-2020本届奖学金申请提交材料做如下调整: 1. 有关学习成绩的证明材料可以暂时接受网络获得的非正式版本。学校的正式成绩证明可待学校复课后再补充提交。 2. 推荐信可暂时不做要求,待学校复课后再补充递交。 所有其他申请文件需在4月15日24:00之前提交。   Due to the current exceptional situation of COVID-19,  the board of Jiuding Scholarship Foundation has made the following adjustments to this year’s scholarship application requirement: 1. Applicants may submit Non-official proof of academic achievements obtained from universities’ online sources. The official proof maybe submitted after schools resume. 2.…

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